Established in May of 1997, Colorwen International Corp. is Los Angeles-based subsidiary of Cheng Feng Group. Cheng Feng Group’s first plant located in the southern part of Taiwan where the company manufactured series of rich products –called color concentrates satisfied the early stage of market demand in 1971. Due to the internal expansion of colorants, Cheng Feng Group realized the business opportunity in the upper stream product lines-pigments, so that a second plant for the manufacturing varieties of organic colors called Rainbow Pigment Co., LTD was built in conjunction with advanced technology and equipment acquisitions.

Our company quickly stepped up ISO9002 certificate in her first success so that high level quality management guarantees product credibility on-time delivery of our services for each customer worldwide therefore, satisfaction among customers demands in ever increasing along with new products development in the changing markets.  International competition and long-term loyal commercial network among worldwide clients keep us looking for new genuine partners to join us as distributors or agents.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with this mail address info@colorwen.com

And of course in the area of employee educational promotion, the company pays more attention to on-the-job training through coordination with research institutes in the graduate levels for the highest honors in specific scholastic departments.

 1973 / Cheng Feng’s first plant founded for plastic master batch production in Taiwan
 1975-1979 / New organic pigment production plant completed and expanded to meet market demands. Aggressive capital investment and overseas market exploration under way.
 1980-1986 / Rainbow pigment production plant expanded for advanced organic pigment synthesis in second phase plant expansion completed.


High environmental protection concerns to phase in low or no pollution production technology.

Rainbow plant settled for the commencement ceremony in producing organic pigment about eighty metric tones monthly.

Cheng Feng Enterprises Co. Ltd. Realized more investment to futher increase the production capabilities and began to materialized high-loaded dispersed master batching technical expertise.

1990-1995 / Initialize automation to save rising labor cost for better competition.


Acquired new down stream pulverizing equipment with simultaneous flow-drying instrumentation SFD-in house automation so that both labor cost and pollution concerns where reduced significantly the MIS technology advancement all around.

Facility renewal through additional capital expenditures in wastewater treatment through biotech oriented pollution control strategy installed plant-wise.

New ventures to explore the rising China market, Cheng Feng Group decided settled a plant at DongGuang city in Guang Dong province for master batch production is more efficient service over the greater mainland area is achieved.

Hired a consulting company to speed up the installation of “standard business operating routine management” in order to get approval of an ISO9002 certificate in long-term quality controls.

1996-1999 / New Product lines such as Flexo Dispersion and Flush Dispersion were introduced.


New ventures expansion operation in the US areas – The Colorwen International Company inaugurate.

Awarded SGS and ISO9002 certificate.

Machine & Instrumental renovation fore energy savings and production capacity to get high productivity.

Overseas scholars were invited to join the pigment synthesis technology research and development.

Additional capital investments were acquired to strengthen the automation of the plant so as to increases the production capability.

Established Cheng Feng China Plant in Dong Guang, China.

Established branch sales offices in ShangHai, FuJian, China.

2000 / Fujiang. shanghai sales office has founded.
2001 / Cooperated with academic professors and research institutes in exploring nano technology.
2002 / Established the Rainbow Pigment China Plant in Hangchow, China to expand the organic pigment production. Promoted “CHROMOINK” as trademark in inkjet inks.
2003 / Obtained the SGS ISO9001 certificate.
2004 / Rainbow Plant 2 “Chromoink” was completed and put into production for Jet Ink, UV or other specialized printing Inks and color paste too.
2005 / In China Jiang Su Province “Su Zhou Cheng Feng Plastic Co” was established to supply middle, northern sections of China.


Cheng Feng Enterprises Co Vietnam was also founded at the same year.

Focusing on rubber masterbatch production to fulfill the massive demand in Southeast Asia.

2012 / Taiwan Cheng Feng new plant under construction in Tainan Scientific Industrial Zone.


In China Guang Dong Province new plant also in construction.

2013 /

inovative R&D Awarded “SBIR” by M.O.E Taiwan

2014 /

Grand Open of CHROMOINK PLANT II for expanding production capacity

2015 /

Awarded The 22th Taiwan SMEs Innovative Award on “LED UV Curing inkjet Ink”

Obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate

2017 /

Grand Opening of HQ Building

Settlement of New R&D center