DINP (Di-Isononyl Phthalate) Download Data Sheet

Applications – Wires & Cables, Construction Materials, Leather & Clothes, Poisonless Plastic Products, Gloves, Food Wrapping, Toys & Plastic Inflation Products, Shoes, PVC Plastics, etc.

 Appearance ALPHA 25 MAX
 Acid Value mg/KOH / g 0.05 MAX
 Esterification Number mg/KOH/g 267 +5
 Heating Loss 125 C * 3 hrs % 0.10 MAX
 Volume Resisitivity 30° C Q-cm 2*10E11 MIN
 Specific Gravity 20/20 0.974+0.005
 Refractive Index 25° C 1.484+0.003


 Molecular Weight   G/MODLE  419
 Boiling Point  (760mmHG) C 403
 Flush Point C 213
 Viscosity  (30° C) cps 45
 Freezing Point C -50

DOTP (UN 488) Download Data Sheet

Applications – Used in flexible PVC articles that experience extremes in climate film, sheet, and toy.  Product 488 has been certificate by SGS as the non-phthalate plasticizer and with the requirement European standard EN-71 Part III for heavy metal content in this product.

 Color Shade  (APHA) 25 MAX
 Acid Value  (KOH-mg/g) 0.05 MAX
 Water Content  (Wt%) 0.05 MAX
 Volume Refractivity  (Ω-cm,30°C) 5.10 X 10″ MIN
 Esters Content (GC%) 99.6

DHIN Download Data Sheet

 Color Shade (ALPHA) 25 MAX
 Specific Gravity (20/20°C) 0.945~0.955
 Refractive Index (20°C) 1.458 ~1.464
 Acid Value mg/KOH/g 0.05 MAX
Esters Content (Wt%) 99.5 MAX
Moisture (Wt%) 0.05 MAX
Heating Loss (Wt%, 126±3°C x 3hrs) 0.10 MAX
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