Pigment Dispersions

Are you tired of dry pigments or being tormented with dust pollution and poor dispersion? Colorwen has several options for you:

  • Pigment Flush – Contains 50% low molecular weight polyethylene wax and 50% organic pigment. The physical form can be either a random granular or a uniform ground powder.  Both forms conform to OSHA and government environmental regulations.
  • Water-Based Pigment Dispersions – We offer two types of water-based dispersions.
    1. Acrylic Based CFX Series for Flexographics printing market
    2. Surfactant Based PRC Series for Textile printing market
  • Polyurethane Pigment Dispersions – We supply high quality pigment dispersions in Polyether Polyol for use in the color urethane foam, automobile cushions, soles, sporting good, and etc.


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