Glossy Adhesive Vinyl

Code Finish Thickness Adhesive Durability Features Ink Compatibility
#152M Glossy 4 mil 3 years (Unprinted) 3 years (Unprinted) Translucent Eco-Sol/UV

This white, solvent glossy self-adhesive PVC has a permanent,  solvent-based adhesive with siliconized kraft liner that will help prevent your images from chipping or cracking.  It is ideal for advertising signage in stadiums, construction signage and point-of-purchase (POP) for retail graphics and gift shops

#152LE Glossy 4 mil Permanent 3 years (Unprinted) High Tack Eco-Sol/UV

#171 Glossy 3 mil Removable 3 years (Unprinted) Optical Clarity Eco-Sol/Uv/Latex

Over laminating media for the protection of PVC media printed by digital or silk screen printers in all kinds of application like window display and vehicle graphics.

#160 Glossy 7 mil Permanent 3 years (Unprinted) Eco Sol/UV/Latex Eco-Sol/Uv/Latex

View Through Perforated Vinyl is a 7-mil vinyl film with a removable pressure sensitive adhesive. The 60% perforation pattern allow a full image to be seen from the outside while people can still see through the window from the opposite side.

We strongly recommend that all printed perforated vinyl to be laminated with an optical clean over-laminate, which prevents the buildup of dust within each tiny perforation of the film.