Water-based Flexographic Inks

Many flexible food packaging use solvent-based ink, which are hazardous to the environment from emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With people becoming aware about the environmental and health concerns, the demand for water-based flexographic ink has become increasingly important. Unlike solvent-based ink, the JFO and JFP series inks have extremely low VOC emission. The inks have been able to provide higher bond strength and fast dry.


1. Good adhesion on various plastic films, OPP, PET, Nylon PP, PE film…etc

  • 2. Retortable up to 120˚C
  • 3. Effectively reduce VOCs emissions & Environmental friendly. (RoHS certification)
  • 4. Non-flammable.
  • 5. Reduce ink consumption and increases mileage
  • 6. High-Speed printing and excellent printability
  • 7. Low foaming and fast drying.
  • 8. High resolution and high-color strength